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Portrait de Mélissa Benon, direcrice d'Artopic Gallery
Guillemet pour commencer la citation de la directrice, Mélissa Benon

"Artopic is a gallery that I wanted resolutely contemporary, colorful and warm"

Mélissa Benon, Directrice


Established since 2018 in the Esquirol district of Toulouse, Artopic exhibits a variety of colorful works of art, where painting, sculpture, all original and surprising!


The gallery supports and disseminates the work of great artists chosen with care in a line that is deliberately Pop Culture and Street Art. It also wants to support young artists, the great talents of tomorrow.


It intrigues with its positive atmosphere where the liveliness of the works coexist in harmony and dialogue to form a brilliant universe of character.


The presence of the gallery extends on the internet because we offer you the sale of our works online to facilitate your accessibility.

We also want to be close to our visitors through social networks on which we are very present and at your disposal!


With an innovative approach, it wants to be a gallery close to its artists and visitors. It is open to a new generation, combining artistic diversity, quality and professionalism.


Artopic Gallery invites you to discover an art that comes out of the walls and that comes in multiple media.

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