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amaury dubois

Amaury Dubois

Amaury Dubois painter born in 1980, Painter trained for 4 years at the St Luc Institute in Tournai (Belgium) - Graphic Art section.

From a bedroom-workshop covered in graffiti, to fluid and colorful contemporary paintings, passing through art posters, this is the story of a man, Amaury Dubois, painter from Lille, who paints life in movement. He transposes this style also in art photographs and sculptures.

His works are permanently exhibited in several art galleries, and now adorn many European and international collections (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, USA, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil...).

Other highlights, the painter now registers his style for major achievements.


In 2020 Amaury Dubois transforms the vault of a church with a unique contemporary fresco!

With this brand new work, After Picasso, Matisse or Okuda, Amaury Dubois now joins the very closed circle of contemporary artists who have created a church in the world.

This Work has been the subject of articles and TV appearances all over the world.


He also created for "Mercedes Benz" the graphic design of a "Smart" in unique copy.

Amaury Dubois does it again on the occasion of the "Grand Stade Lille Métropole - Communauté Urbaine de Lille" project: he actively collaborates in the architectural design of the annex buildings designed by NORPAC - Subsidiary of Bouygues Construction and proposes a series of 40 thematic works in the surrounding these buildings.

McDonald's France and the TBWA France agency also called on painter Amaury Dubois and his abstract painting for their latest national TV & Web advertising campaign!

Curious about the world around him and the questions he faces: everything becomes a source of inspiration. The very young interest in architecture, botany, astronomy, history, literature or even music: a thirst for knowledge that has become the breeding ground for his oil paintings today.

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