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ASOP gribouillant une de ses oeuvres

ASO-P is an eternal lover of the beautiful says, writes, paints or carves with his heart.


This scribbler as she likes to call you invites you to enter gently and lightly his universe full of colors and good mood.


Born in the south of France, this stylist-model-maker passionate about visual arts and design, wanders in the artistic universe as one could read a comic strip.


In turn, fashion editor, stylist, decorator, painter, ASO-P shapes her art according to the happiness and vagaries of life, exploring different types of expressions such as graffiti, collage, fresco to customization. . It is only in 2008, leaving the capital to return to her native south, that she devotes herself to her passion of exhibitions, performances, festivals and artistic collaborations. Multiplying the creative media, giving life to objects, it gives us to see a universe rich in color and talent.


In a spirit of openness and always to please its collectors, ASO-P proposes to customize your clothes or personal sneakers by private orders.

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