Vincent bardou

Vincent Bardou dans son atelier

Born in 1975 in Viet Nam, SIKE (R) painted since 1990 and was one of the first activists in Toulouse. He practices graffiti on walls, trains, which leads him to travel throughout Europe in search of the ultimate medium, the perfect photo, the action of his life. Addicted to the adrenaline of these fleeting moments, he left for Montreal where he left an indelible mark in the emerging world of Montreal graffiti in the mid-90s. He also traveled to New York, in the golden age of graffiti: he is shocked by the “street bombing”, the tags which occupy an essential place in his daily graffiti.

His legal setbacks multiplied during his last years, which led him to reassess his practice and integrate the art world. Since 2010, Sike has devoted himself exclusively to his art. He thus participates in world-class events in the Canaries, in Mongolia. Without abandoning the action in the Street, he has developed his painting on other supports, canvases, fragments of trains, boxes, and enriches his codes. visuals.

What thrills Sike is the work around writing, lettering, the meaning of words, it is the energy required by the urgency of an action on a train, spontaneity.

The artist's artistic work revolves around movement, spontaneity of gesture, vibrant colors. The letter and the writing are fundamental elements of his work. Sike goes from the spray paint to the fire extinguisher, plays with superposition and matter. Sike is an instinctive artist who paints by feeling, in the moment.