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David ferreira

Un David Ferreira complétement TOTO

David Ferreira was born October 15, 1982 at 5:15 in Pau, he will make this figure 15 his trademark.

As a young man, he takes a few classes in painting, but it is in self-education that the artist is trained in creation. Adult became a geometer, his passions for drawing and painting become more and more important. He takes the risk, jumps the step and decides to launch himself fully into painting, his first passion.

Nevertheless, his passion for geometric art and mathematics will define his art and style. Round and triangular square shapes, equations are his favorite motifs. From an arithmetic sign, David Ferreira bring forth a painting on figurative canvas. He creates Toto, the main character of his dense and colorful canvases, whose adventures and wanderings are followed. Toto always with his crown is a nod to the great avant-garde artist and source of inspiration that was Basquiat also drawing in the signs, letters


Although the brush is very present in his universe, David does not use it to paint. He prefers to play with the trowel, the compass, uses various materials in supports or his fingers that help him to renew himself while keeping in his artistic approach a real coherence. Very active in front of his canvas, he needs to take a step back, to express his gesture and that is why he prefers large formats to little ones, giving him more freedom.

His art is instinctive, generally starting from a task that he develops and lets live on his canvas. David Ferreira loves passion and making it felt through his works. Without hesitation, materials rub shoulders with colors and nourish geometric shapes.

Working in three dimensions on canvas and Plexiglas, his works are revealed in all their colors and their movements.

"A sensory, sensual painting, a burr ... a painting that overflows", this is what the artist proposes whose dynamic and dense work does not leave the eye indifferent.

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