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julie galiay

Portrait de Julie Galiay

Julie Galiay is passionate about love and sensual curves.


Born in Clermont Ferrand in 1979, since childhood Julie has spent all her free time learning and practicing drawing and painting. When she arrived in Royan in 1994, she met the person who encouraged her to develop her passion.


Julie Galiay is a self-taught and unconditional creator of acrylic painting. She is also a fan of the aerosol borrowed from Street Art. After a long search for her world, she now draws inspiration from pleasure and love. Sublimating women, their curves and their sensual assets, Julie offers a game of vibrant colors.


"More recently portraits inspire me and men gradually integrate my universe while keeping my handwriting Pop colorful and sensual" Curves of the female body, luscious mouths, and strength of portraits make his work evolves permanently.


Incorrigible in love with life, inspired by love and femininity, hypersensitive, Julie puts all her being in this sensuality that has become her oxygen.

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