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Hersk avec sa célèbre Something to Suck

HeRsk is a French artist born in Argenteuil in 1979.

It was at the age of 10 that he discovered graffiti in Paris, an art that immediately fascinated him and made him try his hand at the bomb. For a long time, his garage will be his workshop and place of experimentation on various supports: wood, metal, canvas, paper, walls, backpack, skate-board, or even snowboards. He also graphs in the street and creates custom walls.

Living in Montpellier since 1999, he discovers and admires local street artists such as Mist, Zest, or Smash 137, although he develops his own style made of round and intertwined shapes.

In 2007, his artistic and friendly meeting with Giovanni Ingrato made him appear on canvas, and led him to take part in numerous artistic events.

Eskimo, the mythical ice cream of our childhood, becomes her signature for her sculptures, crunched, melted or melted, and HeRsk calls her “Something to suck”. The artist makes his own wooden structures and then declines them for all tastes and colors. HeRsk's popsicles take us back to our childhood, but also tell us about the liquefaction of colors, objects and art.

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