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jeremy besset

Jérémy Besset

Jérémy BESSET was born in France in Cannes in 1984, lives and works in Mouans-Sartoux.

From the age of 12, he made his first graffiti to exist in a difficult world in the absence of entourage. Fragile, sensitive, it has a harmonious approach to letters and colors, accurately combining "vintage and modern".

From 12 to 20 years old, he practiced his art mainly in the street in an instinctive way, but we already feel the strong potential of this young man. He will then follow a painter-decorator training where he will learn, the patina, the work with the lime, the illumination, in this artisanal work which he realizes with happiness one perceives an artist's soul. In 2014, Jérémy's workshop obtained the label "30 Wonders of the Pays de Grasse". Satisfied with this recognition, he closed the page on craftsmanship and decided in January 2015 to put all his energy into his artistic career under his real name: J.Besset. He will put all these acquired techniques to good use in his creation: the letters he made with a spray can take on a whole new dimension with his brushes, more in keeping with his commitment to the environment, learning colors, handling pigments will make him an expert in colorimetry, working on living materials such as wood or leather will allow him to sublimate the backgrounds of his canvases, his explosions are perfectly controlled, nothing is left to chance; and it is of course by the necessity of the positive message delivered on his paintings that his work will be completely accomplished. Very quickly noticed thanks to social networks, his works are exhibited in galleries bought by collectors, Jérémy participates in international fairs and collaborates with major brands.

In 2018, Jérémy set himself a new challenge and created his first sculptures exhibited at the Millésime Gallery in Paris, working with metal and stone opened up new horizons for him.

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