Artopic Gallery, which wants to promote young artists, is about to welcome young artist K-Arty for an exhibition focused on photography. But beware it is not a simple photographer. Indeed, K-Arty has a habit of taking places in photography on which he adds his personal touch mixing Pop and Street Art. There are cult characters that perfectly integrate the space taken into pictures.


At 20, he discovered his first images made with a disposable camera. It is in self-taught that he is initiated to shooting and black and white development. His tenacity and willingness to continue to learn and evolve have taken him to a professional approach that he will carry out in several stages. Moving from shooting in the studio to reports for twenty years, and finally leading to a more personal work.


At all stages of the creation of an image, from the triggering through the treatment and to the last stage: that of its presentation, the image has woven into filigree all the emotions of its author. K-Arty's works are inspired by a permanent quest for renewal, and his experience in shooting and modern techniques, have evolved into what he calls a "photographer."


He likes to surprise, he likes to surprise himself! Today, his unique and offbeat style, skillfully puts on stage comic characters in abandoned places, mixing humor and derision.


The artist stands out for his favorite theme called "Urbex Cartoon". The urbex or urban exploration, allows the artist to discover abandoned places he takes in photography. In these untouched photos, he adds Cartoon characters. This is how Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop, the Simpsons ... have become the nice ghosts of tagged wastelands, giving new life to these places.

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6 rue Clémence Isaure

31000 Toulouse

+33 9 86 40 50 89


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