Manuel Fernandez aka KIKO, his nickname of childhood, is a French artist born in 1985 near the city of Marseille. Self-taught, Kiko has a taste for painting and drawing since always.

Passionate about Urban Art, he draws his inspiration from Pop and Street Art. Influenced by popular culture, we discover on his works characters known to all, mixing American icons with the logos of the biggest brands that emerge from abstract backgrounds.

Marked by the urban, he uses the acrylic bomb and the projected painting to create his sublime works. His still colorful art anchors his work in contemporary art and takes his place in our gallery.


In this mixture of contrasts and colors, the artist comes out and comes to show everyone a canvas passing his own message.


Kiko has a habit of finishing his paintings by depositing a layer of resin that flows evenly on his canvases. The use of resin is very complex, it is a chemical process, which, poorly done, can create bubbles or holes in the works. Kiko is one of the artists who master this technique perfectly. Resin has become his trademark that brings the final touch to all his works, making them ultra-bright and very smooth.

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7 rue de la Bourse

31000 Toulouse

+33 9 86 40 50 89

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