Lis Sam

Born in 1989, Lis Sam, a young artist born in Cannes, has had a strong taste for creation from an early age.

Raphaël Laventure

Raphaël Laventure was born in 1986 in Périgueux. Since 2014, he moved to Ibiza to devote himself entirely to his art.


SUFYR, was born in 1986 in Fréjus in a family that makes art its main hobby.


ASO-P is an eternal lover of the beautiful says, writes, paints or carves with his heart. This scribbler as she likes to call you invites you to enter gently and lightly his universe full of colors and good mood ...

Julie Galiay

Julie Galiay is passionate about love and sensual curves.


Manuel Fernandez aka KIKO, his nickname of childhood, is a French artist born in 1985 near the city of Marseille. Self-taught, Kiko has a taste for painting and drawing since always ...

David Karsenty

French artist, DAVID KARSENTY follows the trend of Pop-Art and its iconic figure that is Andy Warhol, adding contributions from the medium of graffiti and street-art ...

David Ferreira

David Ferreira was born October 15, 1982 at 5:15 in Pau, he will make this figure 15 his trademark ...


ZED was born in 1976 in Mulhouse. Passionate and self-taught, he has been practicing sculpture since the age of twelve, working various materials. Years later and living in the West Indies, he discovered and joined the tradition of wood ...


2Fast was born in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. After studying Applied Art and Design, the artist worked as a graphic designer and illustrator.