Pitu is a painter born in Martigues.

Coming from a family of artists, she was interested in art from her childhood and made it a real passion.


Truly self-taught, she began to paint at a very young age and fell in love with a neo-expressionist and abstract style inspired by great names in contemporary art, such as Basquiat.


Through his work and his reflection, the artist offers us colorful and dynamic works. His characters and his universe bring us to childhood memories that illustrate joy, strength and great freedom. The positive energy that emanates from his works that reflect the ambition and overflowing creativity of the artist Pitu.


The use of several techniques in his work, such as acrylic, oil pastel, aerosol or India ink, makes his works both complex and hypnotic. The resin which comes to cover the latter makes it possible to reinforce the brilliance of the colors and gives them a new impetus.


Pitu is a talented young artist whose work evokes memories, and provokes emotions and crushes.