Balloon Girl Hermes

Balloon Girl Hermes




Painting - Single Piece

72 x 59.5 cm

Acrylic on canvas, ultra-shiny finish thanks to resin

Black american box



Delivery in 3-4 days / Shipping costs: 45 €

  • Why Hermès ?

    Many of you ask me the question. The discussion with Kiko started on the influence of social networks and those people who are known as influencers. We said to ourselves that it was sometimes absurd for these people to contact us in order to offer posts in exchange for a work. Free implication .. A bit like a handbag ...


    Then our discussion shifted to Banksy, the very famous street artist whose name nobody knows, but who, if you allow me the expression, explodes the auction records. All the ambiguity of the artist is his will not to be commercial and yet defy the hammer hands down.


    A few days later, Kiko sent me this work which I think very sincerely, is the most telling reflection of this discussion.