Conserve Bonne Barbie - n°42

Conserve Bonne Barbie - n°42




Sculpture - Unique Piece (Collection numbered from 0 to 99)

40 x 10 x 10cm

Acrylic painting on Barbie (original doll new version), glass jar



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  • Story of a scribbler!

    But why can Barbie canned?  Behind each creation, hides a story! 

    It is obvious to the artist that it is not a question of putting the woman or her representation in a box. On the contrary, against a backdrop of humor, ASO-P wants to show everyone that Barbie, the object in doll, is precisely not the idea of the woman! She adorns this object with multiple designs and symbols that could be compared to tattoos. She will then put this Barbie we keep as we would keep a Keep Good Mom. It is exposed to the eyes and gaze of all. It is therefore obviously not the woman who is exposed. It is ultimately a deep reflection on what a woman is in the eyes of some, but who in the eyes of the artist is not. 

      This is why this work has its place in the exhibition " Girls, Who run the world ". 

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