Fetish Punk Splash

Fetish Punk Splash




Sculpture - Single piece

34 x 30 x 10cm

Acrylic, resin and aerosol spray



Delivery schedule : 3-4 days / Shipping Charges : 24€ to France

  • From the Street!

    The “ Splash It ” sculpture represents an imaginary writing process.


    With this in mind, the spray makes the color pop which is translated in a colorful and vibrant way.


    This is a real piece of 3D street art since the cans are aerosol cans that were used by the artist to graffiti!


    Each Splash-it creation is a unique piece.


    The materials used are non-combustible polyurethane resin and an empty aerosol can.


    The +: on the back, a screw hole is provided to facilitate assembly.