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Steve Peiremans alias PROOZ

Steve Peiremans was born in Belgium in 1976. PROOZ, the artist appeared in the early 90s.

Art, drawing, creation in general fascinate him, he then pursues studies at the Beaux-Arts and although Street Art had a lot of influence on his artistic beginnings, it is Contemporary Art, the lines and the colors that have taken the greatest place in his current work.

Between street art and abstraction, PROOZ shows colorful works that cannot leave anyone indifferent. Equipped with aerosol cans, it highlights colors that take on the body. The colors respond to each other and highlight the lettering which tends to disappear.

His works captivate.

Freedom is the key word that defines him as an artist, he gives himself no limits, neither support nor technique. He is an eclectic artist and guided by his inspirations.


Prooz is an artist to follow!

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