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Liliboard is a French artist who grew up surrounded by art, culture and music.


Passionate about images, she enjoys associating the paintings of the great "classic" masters with an urban object such as the board of a skateboard. The diversion is the essence of Liliboard's work.


In urban culture, skateboarding is as much a sporting as an artistic object. The deck is often an illustration medium: tricks (acrobatic figures) are a pretext to discover it. Liliboard uses this surface for his figurations. Saving acrobatic figures, the boards are stripped of their trucks (axles) and are attached to the walls.


The iconic shape of the skateboard is sublimated by Liliboard. She chooses to include photographs - another of her passions - from her many travels or her peregrinations in the pink city. Other decorations with repertoires sometimes from street and pop art, sometimes from classic painting re-visited, are deployed in diptych and triptych; or simply on a single board, giving the look of an ultra modern cartridge.


The original concept proposed by Liliboard has already found a resounding echo, both with the decoration press and with certain personalities, notably with a commission from rapper JoeyStarr.