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The sculpture "Splash It" represents an imaginary process of writing.
In this spirit of action, the spray spreads its pigments to translate this dynamic so original and always very colorful!

It is not only a Street Art sculpture, but also a Street Art object taking up the codes of the can of the graffiti artist by diverting them. Sometimes with a touch of Pop culture borrowed from Warhol, the Splash-it is also available with the Montana for movement purists!

A tool that has become a work, the “Splash it” creations are unique pieces as well as short editions. Composed of incombustible polyurethane resin and an empty aerosol can, this sculpture has a hanging device that will facilitate its assembly.

On your chest of drawers, on your bookcase, on your walls, adopt the 2FAST Splash!

Always with a view to spreading the artist's universe, at Artopic Gallery, we choose to deliver everywhere in France, DOM TOM included, but also throughout Europe


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