"Girls, Who run the world" 

Because we really wanted to show you the exhibition that was to take place at the gallery these days, we decided to offer you the digital version!


"Girls, Who run the World" is an exhibition which was born out of a reflection on women and their place in society. Indeed, for the past two years, we have noticed a liberation of the voice of women and of their place within the social group. It is on the basis of this observation, and of the very famous song of Beyoncé " Run the world " that the director, Mélissa Benon, discussed with her artists on the representation that they have of the woman, on what characterized, personifies it.


With our artists we have for the occasion, brings together different supports, techniques and representations around women. They are subject, giving rise to portraits of women assumed sometimes solar and magnetic, sometimes light and touching. They also show what characterizes it for them; a mouth, a look, a pair of legs among others.


But at Artopic Gallery, women also become artists. Their artistic expressiveness will be honored in this exhibition with Julie Galiay and ASO-P who will offer different works.


By clicking on the works, you will have more information about it! We have described the interest of each work in the exhibition.



PS: we would be very happy to be able to exchange with you as we would have done at the gallery on this exhibition. This is why, we left you a space at the bottom of the page to express yourself !



PPS: the day before the opening (05/03/2020) a video was released where actress Cynthia Nixon denounces with the text of a famous blogger about what a woman is. The video is called " Be a lady, they said '. It was broadcast during the opening. If you want to watch it: click here .

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