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ZED was born in 1976 in Mulhouse. Passionate and self-taught, he has been practicing sculpture since the age of twelve, working various materials. Years later and living in the West Indies, he discovers and strives to the tradition of wood.

His first wood carvings in Guadeloupe, represent dozens of bodies or faces often very expressive. Inspired at times by classical and sometimes ethnic motifs, his works reflect the noble character of wood: smooth and polished, they stimulate both eyesight and touch.

In search of the universal, the movement, he conceives the Flexo: a neutral character, with a unique silhouette wanting to support his research on attitudes and movement. Zed wants to show indeed "that it is possible to transcribe all the emotions, to say everything, just through a gesture".

Each piece is made by hand using the thermoforming technique. Acrylic glass, his favorite material allows him to diversify his shapes by playing on the lines. The sleek appearance of the Flexo produces a minimalist effect to sculpture but also and above all a possibility to adopt any type of pose: sitting, standing, lying down. The different families of Flexo form real scenes of life: Sporty, Desperate, Welcome, etc ... flocking together and giving them life.

The purity of the Flexo line offers great readability in the poses, shapes and expressions that emerge. The feelings of the sculptures, conveyed by the poses transform: the impressions and emotions that transport the viewer to the essential.

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